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Quote: Originally Posted by Katarine View Post
From a personal perspective I have also noted that Slicing 'Missions' are No Longer Profitable.

In fact I would say I'm actually making a loss now.

Open world Slicing is, obviously, still profitable, but I could just as easily gather Crystals/Metals/Plants & sell those on the GTN & probably make more profit. Thus, on a personal note, I would say that today (22nd April 2012) Slicing is simply NOT Profitable & thus a 'Dud' skill.
Hello, Katarine!

Just to help bring you up to speed, there has been an update to the issues surrounding Slicing since the release of Game Update 1.2, and work is currently underway to correct them.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenReid View Post
Hey all, thank you for reports into this issue. We escalated this to the development team and after investigation, got confirmation that this was a bug.

It's being worked on now and a fix should be rolled out in a future patch. In the meantime, it'll be added to our known issues list.
Hope this helps!