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You guys really need to think about item costs relatively to their uses. At the moment, with the GTN prices and using only the 2 most expensive material, creating a grenade costs 14k credits. Who in their perfect state of mind will use a 14k item in a WZ they can only win 6k credits at most ?! nobody sells the useless items in GTN, at least in my server. I was selling them before but the mats were less expensive. Still I was selling them at 7,5k/un which is still insane comparing to money won in WZs. Imagine someone uses 4 grenades in a WZ. They'll have spent 56k credits... and could get 6k in return... Am I the only one thinking this is totally stupid ? The same goes with bio stims and medpacks... they're hell expensive, comparing to the price it costs to make a buff item that lasts for 2 hours of gameplay. You reduced the CD on grenades... yay.... still nobody will buy them. Please rethink item mats considering uses/gameplay time.
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