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04.21.2012 , 07:20 PM | #29
Only one point in defence of "new and shiny objects".

First i'll say that i agree with the OP, don't like the new and shiny style that the game has given us so far, BUT

(Ned Stark: Someone told me that everything that is before the word "BUT" doesn't count)

I remember our old loving george saying that the first films everything was old and used and all the things the OP said, but the prequels are no longer this way. He wanted to give Star Wars a shiny and new look to reflect that a period of peace WAS GOING to be broken. That's why we see in Episode I Naboo starships with elegant designs, polished finishes, that's why we see R2 perfectly shinig, Amidala with robes that doesn't allow you to move, that's why palpatine's chambers, although dark, are clean and have a great landscape window. And when you get to episode 2 and 3, everything becomes used and darker, clone armor begin to be filled with scratches, dirt, vehicles are increasingly dirty, so you can see that the clone wars have made an effect on military and environement. now we should consider: Are we at war or are we at pre-war period? I could then see that shiny things fit to Fleet, Coruscant or Nar Shadda, but of course not to Balmorra or Tatooine.