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I have always found it silly that Lucas won't name Yoda's species, it clearly *is* a species, as multiple members exist of it, leave the details a mystery, but to not have a name is just stupid, to draw a parallel to the real world, we have no clue what dark matter is, but we still bloody named it.

George is just being silly
George Lucas is about the second most eccentric filmmaker right after Woody Allen. He doesn't do stuff on purpose. To be clear, he purposely does NOT do stuff that fans think he should. Why? Because he has clearly stated by both words and actions that he doesn't care about his fans. He looks at fans as a fast payday. Nothing more. So as long as we continue to buy Star Wars merchandise, he continues to make money off of us. lol

And yes, that includes TOR here. His logo is on it, therefore he makes bank.
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