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I don't see what single-server/cross-server has to do with LFD. Either the LFD system can get you into a Flashpoint group with others from our SWTOR community, or not. That's its job #1, its raison d'Ítre, the measuring stick that determines if it's a success or a failure. The KISS principle in action.

Here, it's right there in the name of the genre:

Multiplayer <----- this right here!

The genre is not about balkanizing playerbases, restricting cross-server movement or denying freedom of association. It's about having role-playing fun with other people on a massive scale.

And for SWTOR, it's time to tear down the walls.
I agree. I refuse to waste my time anymore.

Why a multiplayer game (yes, MMORPG's are multiplayer games, fascinating concept) doesn't have an automated grouping tool in this day and age is beyond me. Imagine that in BF3 for instance. Nobody would buy it, only idiots, and the people who would have bought it, would be outraged (and rightfully so).
All you only-mmo-players with your "work for it" - attitude need to wake up and smell the coffee, because here's the dirty little secret:

Nobody wants to waste hours spamming chat and in the end achieve nothing. A lot of people don't like working in a fu**ing videogame. Fun is subjective, not factbased. Get that in your head and spare us your "work for it" argument.
. Never forget

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