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04.21.2012 , 02:52 PM | #9
Thank you! I think well thought out threads like this carry more weight than the traditional "Why u sux Bioware at doing the gear??????"

Bioware has to understand that the vast majority of the community is displeased with post 50 gear, and for good reason. It's not like the people speaking there minds on this subject are roaming trolls that hate everything that moves. The people speaking up are true fans SWTOR and everything Star Wars. As the OP stated so well, its not a matter of personal opinion, its a matter of the gear not logically fitting into the Star Wars universe.

I would take it even further and say that some of the post 50 gear does not logically fit in any universe. Why is a smuggler wearing a cape? I would say that being inconspicuous is a pretty high priority for a smuggler. So why would a person that is trying to not draw attention to themselves be wearing the most attention grabbing piece of attire in the galaxy?