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I agree OP. I remember before the game's release (for example) Bioware was talking about how the jedi knights should look. They said dark, earthy colors, with a robe or a cape.(Referring to Guardian armor mostly but Sentinel armor is the same except a different color) The level 50 knight armor is pathetic. The war hero armor for PvP looks like a bright yellow and red scuba diver. The Battlemaster gear doesn't come with a robe or cape or anything like they said it was supposed to be. I'm sure this is true for all the other classes as well. The level 40 PvP Gear for guardian looks just fine but the level 50 pathetic. For all the warzone grinding and work we do to get the armor we should at least be rewarded with a decent looking set, not a red and yellow astronaut. I looked at the other war hero armors for level 50's and they are pathetic as well. I don't see how the design team at Bioware actually said "Yep, It looks good let's put it in the game". I also hope BioWare addresses this issue soon.
It could be worse
My sith sorc is full rakata and looks ridiculous.
Huge triangular shoulder pads, weird, starched butt cover, and a downright goofy helm.
To top it all off, my sorc is female, so she's got her midriff showing.
And this latest tier is even more worse looking, if that 's even possible.

I thought I was supposed to inspire fear, not laughter

It's a shame, because a lot of the leveling gear looks great, with dark colored robes, and cool, sithy body armor tops with cloth robe bottoms. Did the 1-49 designers get kidnapped or something?
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