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04.20.2012 , 08:42 PM | #17
My Gear isn't great ( mix of centurion/champion/custom w/50 mods) and a basic concealment spec.

Only the first wave is hard.
I started with kaliyo out, hit Heroic Moment/relic/adrenal just as the mobs drop, get Kaliyo straight onto the elite so i don't get hit by that knock-back, drop OS/Legacy OS/legacy Lightning storm and the legacy unity cd (which i did have to buy purely for this :P) make sure to interrupt that channeled cast the elite uses. Saved shield/evasion for when i was about 50% and also had a squad med unit to use. I still had to cc/kite the elite around for a little thanks to missing an interrupt.

once that pack was down i switched to Lokin and just made sure one strong was cc'd, only 2 will be up at a time i think, focused the weak mobs down till they stop coming, then started on the strongs.

The last guy is easy, can just los/kite him around the center if it starts getting a bit dicey, does take a while though.

So what i lacked in gear Biochem probably made up for.