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04.20.2012 , 06:23 PM | #39
My guild has beaten Black Talon, Boarding Party, Foundry, Kaon Under Siege and False Emperor on Hard Mode. We've yet to attempt Battle of Ilum and Directive 7. Our goto group is Powertech tank (me), Juggernaut DPS, Marauder DPS, Operative healer. While some fights were more difficult with all melee dps, none were wipe 10 times difficult (not even wipe 5 times difficult).

The only time we've beaten this droid boss in Lost Island (even on normal mode!) is when we brought a Sorceror healer instead of our Operative Healer. It was even easier with a sorceror and operative healer both.

Watched a few video guides of "oh look how easy this is to do", they all had sorceror healers.

My impression from this and other posts about the topic, is that if you bring melee dps, you almost need a sorceror healer to help handle the spike damages (both on tank and on the group) by bubbling everyone.

I'm sure it's possible to clear this stuff with my groups regular composition. I'm also sure it's harder than compositions with ranged dps and sorceror healers. What class your tank is probably doesn't matter as much (an assassin tank may have some small advantages here with 10m interrupts and their tech/force power 5 second immunity in emergencies, but that kind of small difference is acceptable).