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04.20.2012 , 05:24 PM | #8
Yes I realize that

A: the new ops dropping 1600 is alot more than 200. Did the Patch notes say 'Hey Denova bosses will drop more' ?

No. The notes said 'Operation Bosses' that means all of them.

B: Yes I am aware of the repair cost reduction. If that is what they mean by the patch note, every english teacher I have ever known would like to have a word with them. There are some verb and noun issues.

And I agree, for an Operation boss, 1600 per person is still way low in my book. When Elite level 45 things you can solo can drop 1k. Something that takes 8-16 coordinated people and often involves at least a few if not many deaths, should award more.

If you are going to put it in the patch notes, do it, or alert people you did not do it. Anything else is just bad customer stewardship.