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Avoid the fireballs. One person is marked when the boss vanishes and that is who the fireballs are drawn to. When he gets ready to vanish, a red flash/circle thingy is placed on one person.

That person needs to run to one side behind the statutes and play peek-a-boo with the fireballs as they gather and come towards them. They will eventually dissipate when the boss returns.

The others should go to the opposite side until the fireballs are gathered and chasing the marked person on the other side.

My wife and I two manned this around level 24. Sith Jug and Sorc. We used companions Khem and Quinn. Of course when the companions get marked they dont move. Khem died. Quinn survived with him and my wife healing him though the fireballs. That is how we did it.

Squadron 14-610