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04.20.2012 , 05:08 PM | #114
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So I'm still a little confused with things since 1.2.

Are we able to RE mods higher than Mk22 (e.g. Mk 23 or Mk 24 or Mk 25) to learn the schematics now?

I see no tooltips indicating any research is available when I mouse over mods that I cannot craft.

If it doesn't say "X percent chance to Reverse Engineer" then you can't learn a schematic from it.

Also, for the player who was asking about the Advanced Commando Armoring 25, that is a Rakata equivalent armoring, and can be dropped by SOA or Karagga on hardmode or nightmare. If it doesn't have the tooltip I mentioned above when you hover the reverse engineering hammer over it, then Cybertechs cannot learn the schematic to craft it.