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An addition to LR-5 that makes the movement a bit easier and predictable. The adds spawn in the same order so restrict movement to keep the next add spawn clear of the electric bubbles (we intentionaly don't have our tanks taunt adds so they can be grouped around the 2 ranged adds for easy ae). Adds spawn order as you enter the room is far left, far right, near left by the door. When using melee dps you need to move the boss around so we los pull (so he doesn't get to use incinerate while out of tanks range) behind a pillar, then tank leads the way backing up slowy everytime he drops a bubble. It is a cardinal sin for any of our DPS to shortcut around the tank to another section. If timing is right you end up at the correct adds spawn just in time for them to spawn and can kill them fast.

Incinerate is a stacking dot that goes to 3 so it can be removed if tank misses an interrupt. 1 stack not so be, 2 or more your dispeller needs to be super fast as it is nasty. If melee are in the group you really can't afford to miss one incinerate as with just one dispeller the cooldown is too long to save melee dps and the tank at 2 or 3 stacks.

In the write up you missed Dr. Lorricks leap stun in phase 2. Stunned person needs to break it and move away from him.