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The guild I run with started to clear EC on Story mode this week. We are by no means a cutting edge hard core guild, but we do like to progress.

We cleared Zorn and Toth without much difficulty, just took 2 attempts to learn the mechanics. Firebrand and Stormcaller took us a little while longer to figure out, but we are consistently getting them down to <5%.

However we keep running into the enrage at about 2-3%. We've managed to kill stormcaller a few times, but we always wipe before we can finish off Firebrand. The problem is our gear "upgrades" at this point DECREASE our DPS....

All the Black Hole gear gives like +60 endurance but a minor decrease in DPS stats. We don't have a problem with the mechanics or healing, we just need an extra 1% dps, but upgrading our gear seems to be pushing us further away from our goal... Is this intended or is the gear just poorly itemized again?

*Note* I am not in any way shape or form asking for any sort of nerfs on EC like many threads here are. We find the new fights fun and challenging compared to the last tier. We are just afraid the content is going to get harder by gearing up, not easier like it should.

*Note 2* we are mostly in Columi gear mixed with some Rakata. Within another week or so we should have enough Rakata gear to down the tanks, if not sooner, but we don't want to get the fight down, upgrade our gear then all of a sudden have problems again.
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