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04.20.2012 , 01:39 PM | #15
for the way i beat lost island hard mode was have all ranged dps so we wouldn't have extreme difficulty with the droid boss. after that it went smooth sailing until the last boss. You have to make sure to avoid getting hit by the red circle because the initiate damage ranges from 2k-5k hits and then if you stand in the green poison it stacks up and if it reaches 10 you will be getting hit for 2k tic damage per second. Though as i said i did it with all ranged it is possible to do it with melee but extremely hard for the droid boss its nearly always kiting non stop and dps melee has to continue to pound on the droid the entire way. The only thing i find dumb about this flashpoint is it drops tionesse crystals.. why? if the gear drop for each boss is columi and final boss is rakata chest? who needs tionesse when people that do the flashpoint have either 4/5 columi or full columi? that just wasnt smart in my opinion