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My guild has only completed 8-man Hard on Live servers, we will be doing 16-man Hard next week. I am not qualified to say which mode is harder currently on Live servers. There are a couple things though that I would like to say.

First off, the only people qualified to say which mode is truly harder, are the people that have done BOTH ON LIVE SERVERS. The fact that you tested 8-man on PTS and then did it on live on 16-man, means absolutely nothing. PTS was easier than live is right now, and you having done the fights on 8-man there, thinking they were easy, and then doing them on 16-man on live, and thinking they were hard, says nothing about the current difficulty difference on live. I keep hearing, in a number of different threads, people who have obviously not done 8-man on live, saying how much of a joke 8-man is compared to 16. Instead of trying to get the community to collectively stroke your e-peen, sit down and think about the mechanics, which is exactly what THIS thread is doing correctly, compared to the others. Which brings me to my next point.

Second, thinking about the mechanics and damage of the fights ONLY, the only fight that should be harder on 16-man, is Firebrand and Stormcaller. I won't go into the details of the mechanics, as others in this thread have already done so. Bioware made an official statement a while back, saying that they want 8-man to be slightly more difficult than 16-man, in order to make up for the fact that in 16-man you have to coordinate more people. I think that they've achieved this. It is harder to deal with most mechanics on 8-man, due to having a smaller ratio of DPSers to total raid members, or due to having one healer per tank taking relatively same amounts of damage (because if they made it twice the damage, the tanks obviously wouldn't survive). The way you make up for the healing/tanking disparity between 8-man and 16-man is to make 16-man have higher raid damage, which they've done on some fights (not all...), but it's not enough of a difference to make the fights truly require 2x the amount of healing.

Most fights, it truly does come down to the fact that 8-man is slightly harder, and 16-man, you have to coordinate more people, adding difficulty to that. For a lot of guilds, it is easier to get 8 skilled capable people together to run an instance, than to get 16 skilled capable people. That is the reason you see more 8-man guilds doing progression content. It's not because it's easier. If you could put together an 8-man group of people of the same skill, and a 16-man group of people of the same skill, the 16-man group would find it easier to clear through EC than the 8-man group.
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