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Fely's feedback seems more informed than Pure's; Pure mentioning things such as DD can be soaked in 8man makes me think he probably has only done story mode
No, Pure is right. I'm a healer and I soaked DD on both 8-man and 16-man. On 8-man I could just HoT myself and largely ignore the DD. On 16-man, I have to focus direct healing on myself in order to not die. What makes DD so much harder on 16-man is that the total combined damage of all 7 ticks (2 seconds apart) is enough to kill you without direct heals. On 8-man, a simple HoT allows you to ignore the ticks, since you won't die.

People underestimate how the increased damage reduces your time-to-live without healing in 16-man. If your healers are stationary, this is not a big deal, as you can put out double the heals. However on the tanks fight, you have situations created where everyone is moving and heals are drying up (other than HoTs or weak instants), and during those movement situations (i.e., to and from the shields), you are in a much more precarious position in 16-man.

We found Transcendence to be hugely useful for getting to the shields fast so that we could then heal DD targets. This worked very well for us. We didn't even have to think about a raid-wide run-speed boost on 8-man, since it didn't even matter.
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