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My opinion on the first three bosses. I have killed the first three on both 8 and 16-man Hard Mode.

(1) Toth and Zorn - I think Toth and Zorn are very comparable in difficulty on 8 and 16. The Enrage timer is easy to beat on both modes. The damage is tuned correctly here. I am a healer, and I found the healing dificulty to be pretty much identical on this fight.

An exception is the end where Toth's Ground Shatter suddenly does double damage on 16-man for no reason. I believe this is a bug, since it didn't happen in 8-man on the PTS at any rate.

Verdict: Tie

(2) Firebrand and Stormcaller - This fight is slightly harder on 16-man in my opinion. Note that doesn't mean it's super difficult, but it definitely requires more coordination on 16-man than on 8-man. The damage is amped up considerably. In your post you state that the damage is not any different from 8-man, but that's just not true. Everything hits significantly harder, including the big tank attacks (Missile Barrage and Electric Discharge) and the Double Destruction ticks (4.7k on me on 16-man).

The Enrage check is easier to meet on 16-man, but that's generally true on all fights, since all they do is double the boss health from 8 to 16, and on 8 you have 4 DPS but on 16 you have 10 DPS. Therefore doubling the boss health is always going to give the Enrage advantage to 16-man.

The reason I think 16-man is harder is that there is just a lot more coordination required. You need healing assignments for the Double Destructions, and you have to focus on them a lot harder if the DD goes out right before Defensive.

You need 4 groups organized by shield, and there's just more room for someone to make a mistake and cause a shield to blow early.

Verdict: 16-man slightly harder.

(3) Colonel Vorgath - This fight is a joke on 8 and 16. Not even worth arguing about.
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