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04.20.2012 , 11:24 AM | #517
I was full rakata pre 1.2, you didn't hear me whining about people getting rakata ear/implants with a week or dailies, WHY would you care if a set that has no bonus, takes a month to get one piece, and is boring is obtainable solo?

Seriously guys, gear was never a sign of how good someone was to begin with. We sold rakata to PUGs who didn't do a thing. But hey, it's no fun if you can't talk crap about all the baddies who can't get top tier, right? lol

I honestly wouldn't care if they made it a week to get one piece, as long as they add titles or something my guild can snag. I never understood why some people thought people who solo didn't deserve to be the heroes of their story too.
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why level a BH from 1-50 on the PTS, when you can level a Sorc/Op 1-50 on live?