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It's also important to note about LR-5, which no one's guide ever seems to do, is that it has a 3-minute "soft" enrage mechanic, where it belts out full-sized energy fields at a retarded rate and nonstop fire from the grates.

Bringing even one melee is a huge liability for that fight in terms of meeting the enrage, kind of dumb.
I've done it just fine with two melee DPS using the kiting method (in a pug no less). The group just really has to get those interrupts on incinerate if he's standing in the AOE, which usually falls to a DPS to do while the tank waits in the next position.
Dual Targeting, any AAA MMO released today should have this included. Don't let your next one release without it.
So what exactly is Dual Targeting? You have 2 targets available at all times, one offensive and one defensive. That's it, it's that simple.