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Stop whining that someone else might work LONGER and HARDER by themselves to get something you can get on the backs of your guildmates. Seriously.
Yeah, that 4 man daily is pretty intense.

Do Corelia dailies once a week (elapsed time ~20 minutes) 6 black hole comms. That is 9 weeks for a chest piece. 20minutes x 9 days of dailies = 180 minutes (3 hours). 3 hours of gameplay spread out over 2-3 months for the most expensive piece. Only 20-40% of this time spent playing with another player (1-3 other people tops), this is an MMO remember?

Obviously you get the gear WAY faster by raiding, and there is no way to ever finish a set this way, but its a bit ridiculous that its even possible to get the same gear as top end raiders just by doing dailies, even just one slot. This seems harsh, but its true. I can agree with crafted gear, similar to what wow had where the patterns required mats from the raid and the patterns only dropped in that raid. Other than that, no, that is ridiculous. You already get way too many coms from story mode denova from those chests that give 4 coms each, but that is a raid at least.

Gear is both a reward and tool. Unique loot reward upon completion of a challenging boss, there shouldn't be another way to obtain said loot period. The tool part comes in for even harder bosses, you need gear from boss A to help defeat boss B, makes sense... You just shouldn't get gear any other way or for any other reason. This is a Massively Multiplayer Online, Allowing players to get the best gear without having to do much MULTIPLAYER content is silly.
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