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04.20.2012 , 07:03 AM | #7
2 hours for findiing a group for daily heroics? Now that sounds excessive, most of the time I catch a lfm before I finish solo ones, if I don't catch up a guildy or 2 to do with.

Now as far as leveling goes, I never run them, you don't need ALL mods up to date all the time, solo content is easy. Why are you implying you need that many comms for leveling I have no idea. Just run through normal quests, bonus series or a space mission or 2 if you're getting underlevel, and its all fine.

Also you do NOT need 4 people for 4 man heroics, if you have one healing capable class you can two man all of them. Don't be exclusive on group composition, run with less than 4 people if you have to, instead of waiting. I won't wait for half an hour for a healer if I know I can pop out healer pet or get another dps and nuke through the content with no issues.