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Going to cover some stuff for you that you might be missing:

Toth and Zorn - It appears you are missing the fact of health percentages tied to pushing next abilities. Stop on both before the rock hits, then when it does, push both immediately after. Problem solved. 16 man last 5 %, the Toth ground slam does double damage prior to enrage. Confirmed by logs.

Difficulty between sizes: 16 man is a little more difficult than 8 man do the damage going out, especially at end. Slight difference though between the two.

Stormcaller/Firebrand - Tank damage is nowhere near identical. In 8 man hard mode, you can ignore the Firebrand armor debuff with a minor cooldown. You cannot do that in 16 man, as it will 1 shot you everytime. 8 man you can still position healer on top of tank as the healer can soak DD with ease. No need to have 2 dps up there to soak. 16 man, depending on positioning of the shields, can make it difficult for the Stormcaller tank at the end of the Defensive Systems. If you get a DD right before Defensive systems in 8man, no biggie. Damage is minimal. Do that in 16, one person may die, possibly two.

Difficulty between sizes: 16 man is way more difficult than 8 man.

Vorgrath - 16 man is more difficult. Why do you put two people on the tower in 8 man? It is designed for 1 person and you can EASILY kill adds, click a path, kill 5 probes, and get to the other side before enrage. The dmg the cannons put out in 8man is minimal and can be ignored. Several guilds have ignored the cannons at the end, so no reason you cannot. In 16 man, they have to be dps'd down not once, but twice. Either way in 8 man, they have so little health you can still dps them down with zero issues of meeting enrage timer.

Difficulty between sizes: 16 is more difficult, but tbh this is the easiest boss on both raid sizes.

I have not downed the last boss on HM in 16 or 8. We didn't have the players solidly enough on PTS at the end, and we are working on it on 16 man on Live. I have attempted it on both however.

Kephess - Much more difficult on 16. 3 droids have tons of hps, and requires coordinated interrupts on all 3 before the damage comes out. I could swear the cast time is faster in 16 and requires quick reaction times (former enhance shaman, so no issue here). Bomb carriers were easier to kill in 8 man versus 16 man. We only lost the bomb once in our attempts in 8 man, and several in 16 man when trying to get people acclimated to the encounter. Everything else seems to be well balanced between the two, with a slight advantage in 8 man. However, we are still progressing and have not attempted 8 man since early PTS.

My own thoughts on the two raid sizes. Others have also posted that they have done both 8 and 16 and their thoughts were 8 man is tons easier than 16 man, even putting aside carrying lesser skilled players.
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