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I'm sure there are quite a few threads about this, so pardon me not looking through the threads to post.

Our guild has been running Flashpoints for a couple of months now. Pre 1.2 getting loot to drop was horrible because it was ALL consular gear. We have no main Consulars in our guild. Now that 1.2 has arrieved the "Take group comp into account" is here and we where all excited about this change. Yet, its all we see. Its becoming a major problem because its hard to gear anyone up always getting Consular light armor gear. Sure, Jorgan and Yuun look funny as heck in it. But it doesn't help guild, group, personal morale when our loot doesn't drop. To be a bit fair a lot of the final bosses have been dropping gear we need lately. (Since 1.2) Yet I'd say 75% of the time its Consular gear.

I'm sure there are many other instances where this is happening and its not just Consular gear, but its still a problem for any guild to do Flashpoints and get geared up. This is really putting a whole new term to farming.

(Guess we all should of rolled Consular classes for our mains.)

Bioware you don't have to respond to this thread I just want to make this known throughout the community that its still a problem. With that said, it would be nice to hear any comments you have on this matter and when it will be fixed.

Please stay on topic with this thread. Thank you.
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