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04.19.2012 , 07:59 PM | #10
Because we lack this Cross realm Random Flash Points Grouping System, alot of players don't know their role as they hit lvl 50, so that's another 3 months of teaching the new players to MMORPG's about how things work. You see a DPS charges a target before the Tank initiate the 1st move, and healers are not aware of their gear for super heals in tough fight, oooh booooy, and the list is scroling down. I hope that Bioware team is aware of some points that I will call between the sleeves of the sheets when implementing this system like:
1. Players that's on Block lists should not be able to group
2. Ristrict FP's to gear check item level
3. It would be nice to add an extra option to be ahead of the Online games by adding:
a. Cross Realm Random Grouping Option
b. in-Realm Random Grouping option
c. What is available(either in or cross realm)
I admit that I missed my fellow realm players after they added Random Dungeon tool in one of those games and both options "a" and "b" will put bioware a head of other games when it comes to runing dungeons or what they call Flash Points in my opinion