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I wanted to pop in and say two things:

First, I appreciate threads like this, and good job for putting it together.

Second, please be careful using training dummies for DPS tests and comparisons. As contrary to our intentions as it is, training dummies are not as of yet the fully reliable DPS testing resource we want them to be. This is because they cannot dodge or deflect attacks at the moment.

For Operatives, that fact doesn't have much of an impact. However, if you're going to look at Marauder and Sentinel DPS numbers and go "wow, we're nowhere near that," keep in mind that they gain a significant benefit from attacking a target that cannot defend due to their dual wield mechanic. Targets with a 0% defense chance will take significantly more offhand strikes from dual wielders than is typical.

On the subject of training dummy dodge and deflect, we have a fix for it that will show up in a weekly patch in the near future (don't know when off the top of my head). So, keep up the cool thread, but keep a level head about dual wielders on training dummies.
1) Holy crap, a Dev.

2) Very valid point. With the extra DPS the offhand is granting, they're likely to turn out a fair bit higher than what they actually are. Essentially, they're sitting in an optimal situation against the dummy while we're anything but.

I will, however, again state that the main difference in DPS isn't the bugged dummies. The major difference is that the rotation is FAR more forgiving and the energy maintenance is exceptionally more simple than an Operative's. With how completely unforgiving of mistakes our energy and TA is, it's no wonder Mauraders will out damage us--even when the dummies are fixed.
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