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04.19.2012 , 04:11 PM | #49
3min test on Operations Dummy with full Rakata gear, self buffed, using 400 biochem stims/adrenals (1200 DPS):

5min fight where we killed Nightmare Pilgrim, keeping my energy above 80 most of the time and popping Stim Boost every time is was available (still 1200 DPS):

3min test on Operations Dummy from Marauder with full Rakata gear, self-buffed, using 400 biochem stims/adrenals (1500 DPS):

And I will try to get the logs, but the Marauder was still pulling around 1450 DPS in raid. So yes it's pretty obvious that we are more than 5% behind. And as a result our guild no longer takes Operatives to tight DPS fights. So hopefully this gets fixed soon otherwise I will be quitting the game. Invested a lot of time into this character and don't feel like starting over with a new class. I know we have nice burst damage in PvP, so they might be afraid to make us stronger. But if they simply buff Corrosive Dart it should help us out in PvE as its generally a waste of energy to use in PvP...