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04.19.2012 , 02:42 PM | #1
If your thinking of cancelling your subscription be aware that you will lose any remaining game time.

I paid a 90 day subscription yesterday 18/04/2012, however for a variety of reasons i decided I would cancel the renewal and play out the 89days I have left.
As soon as I cancelled the renewal, even though it said on my account I had 89days remaining, and even though the cancel process includes wording to say you may cancel and play out any remaining time, I was unable to access the servers, and I was unable to post on the forums. (My Account was immediately inactive)
After trying to find a solution and raising a customer services ticket I decided I may as well renew my subs on a monthly basis, as again the wording stated I wouldn't be charged until my remaining game time had expired..

An immediate 8.99 charge later, I have 30 days game time and have lost my remaining 89 days. As I see it, my 90 day payment has been wiped out and in effect stolen.

I can't understand how they can have got 'Everything' so wrong with the customer servicces in this game. I'm now going to look into my legal recourse to recover my losses, and then hopefully forget this game ever existed