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I am in a fairly hardcore progression guild, I am sure we would do the raids whether they dropped loot or not, it is a different mindset.

That being said, my post was obviously sarcastic. The masses must have loot rained down upon them to remain happy
You might. Your Ops group might. It is highly unlikely though. From my experience, when the raid membership feels there is nothing left for them to "win" from the boss dying, they stop showing up.

I'll use my own ops group as an example here: we're often 1 DPS short for some strange reason. We have the numbers but for some reason that 8th spot is so hard to get a dedicated person to show up for. Nonetheless, for the last few weeks, our ops group repeatedly voted to try to recruit someone to continue doing hardmodes rather than raid normals for little gain. We have almost everything we could possibly want from normals - the same applies to most raiders, they are not going to continually expend the time, effort and repair costs to do "difficult" content for little gain.

I'm sure your ops group is the unique snowflake among all ops groups but that is how it has been in my decade of MMO / raiding experience.