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My proprietary systems indicated that Operative DPS is 20 ~ 30% behind Anni Marauders. In addition, the Marauders provide a raid heal, can spec a short CD interrupt, have better movement, better survival, and provide a bloodlust.

We have removed all DPS Operatives from raiding, and the only thing that saved the Snipers was the raid wall. There's no point in having fragile, low DPS classes. My Operative, my first toon, leveled ONLY FOR PVE, is sitting on the shelf where it will remain, I wish it were otherwise, but I can't possibly sit here as a progression raid leader and ask my raiders to maximize their performance (max your companions, get all datacrons, do your dailies every day on your main and alts, etc) and then sit there on the weakest class in the game asking them to carry me.

All a non-healing Operative does is get carried. If you believe otherwise ("I'm super skilled but somehow magically wouldn't be super skilled at a better class") you're lying to yourself to avoid the reroll.
Give up progression raiding because it's not really for you.

I used to be a progression raider and we never considered the relative dps between classes. We wanted to bring certain players because we knew they would study the fight, learn the fight, and stay alive long enough to down the boss.

Progression raiders know that a dead marauder does less damage than a live OP. We also know that being the first or close to the first to down a boss means having the absolute minimum gear required to beat the enrage timer. In fact, we plan on downing content before people have any real gear. We strive to be first and understand what that really means. It means showing up prepared, knowing the fights, having the right spec, mods, and rotations, staying out of the fire and being willing to wipe for hours, if necessary, to kill a boss.

In short, real front running progression raiders take the player, not the toon.