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04.19.2012 , 09:01 AM | #270
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Note: They say "sound issue" singular and not "sound issues" plural.

Taking bets on the patch being pushed out tonight.
Will it include:
a) "single" sound fix (for any issue mentioned in this thread)
b) "multiple" sound fixes (but not all)
c) "all" sound fixes
d) None of the above

And for a bonus round where points are worth double, which fix(es).
DING.. DING.. DING.. DING.. DING.... And the correct answer "a" - Only the jet noise fix.
Soooooo... what about the rest?

What is just as frustrating as the issues themselves is that they won't confirm what it is they were/are investigating and none of it hits the Known Issues list. This and the fact that CSR's just get ignored on PTS as well as in-game.
Work with us on this Bioware!

The jet noise could take 10min - 1hr for it to show up for me so time will tell if it is really fixed.
Can bet they just nuked that sound file and made it mute instead of really fixing it.