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04.19.2012 , 08:37 AM | #269
This is more than a simple bug. This product, the video game we are paying for; is broken.

Sounds are basically the most important part of this game along with visuals. I am sure if people couldn't see things that it would get fixed asap. But people can't hear things and it persists through the TEST server and makes it to live, then keeps going for more than a WEEK?

Bioware, that is not acceptable.

A game should leave me happy for having had fun after I play it, not with a huge headache from the staticy stupidly loud electrical crackling over which I can not hear a single other thing. No overall sounds are breaking every aspect of this game I used to love pre 1.2:

WZs: I can't be competitive if I don't know someone planted a bomb in voidstar or someone got the ball on huttball or someone passed etc. I can't do anything but clutch my head in pain in alderan...

OPS: crucial boss announcements for which people can not hear the audio cues has actually caused wipes for our group... Example: Firebrand and stormcaller: Defensive systems active announcement doesn't work for half the raid, their action to move to shields is delayed, they get knocked in the wrong direction and die, it's a wipe.

Fleet: Can't do anything here with loud jet engine, can't hear anything, frankly want to log off instantly.

Companions and cut scenes: Can't hear any companion announcements, can't hear people's voices in cut scenes either! BREAKS your only unique game mechanic: "immersive story"

So BW, you see, this is no ordinary silly little bug you can pass up when you read the reports and say we'll get to this when we get to it. This should be your FIRST priority RIGHT NOW.

It. Breaks. Your. Game.

Fix it. We are paying customers you are going to lose soon if you don't.
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