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04.19.2012 , 05:36 AM | #262
I tried a few war zones to check if the bug I initally reported has been corrected, and, I'm sad to say, NO, it hasn't.

Hoping Bioware will understand the message. Here is the problem, again :

Quote: Originally Posted by Shughart View Post
While playing, if I particpate to a war zone, both ambiant sound and effects are very low and there are no voices anymore (like the one in huttball). Music is ok. It effect the whole game then, not only war zones. Only restarting the game make things right, but it happen again if I join a war zone.

Happened with patch 1.2

Edit: not only does it happen when joining a war zone, but also when accessing various locations, such as the fleet. Again, all the ambiant sounds, music, walking sound, ... are extremely low, almost not audible. It's random, can happen anytime.