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04.19.2012 , 02:45 AM | #110
I feel there should have been at least some lead in quests provided. Sure, there's the news report saying stay away from Tattoine, but that's about it. No quest, just a hint. Go there, see some people hanging around the screen, watch it and get a mysterious buff... then nothing. A World Event that relies on you going outside of the game and searching the internet to find out what you have to do .... not very well done. Quest 1, go to the escape pod In Anchorhead, quest 2 go to the medical supplies, quest 3 view the screen, quest 4 go to the speeder bike location, quest 5 go to the crashed ship location. Same goes for the Red Rakghoul, they could have made it dead easy by providing quest markers or instead provided a directional scanner that pointed the way. I'm still liking and loving the game, this event is a nice touch, really wished it was a full on Zombie event though, without the limp wristed enforced ending we got from WoW, after Blizzard found something more terrifying to them than zombies, namely subscriber cancellations.