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Oh, and one other thing, the whole "fits within the lore" escuse is just plain, 100% BS. Just drop that one. None of this "fits within the lore." Obi Wan in New Hope was wearing rags, and yet presumably had "level 50 stats." He didn't weave those robes to include the armor properties of his Clone Wars armor, he just got the stats. Leia didn't need to "mod up" her slave girl outfit to have the stats needed to take out Jabba.

Basically, gear-dependent performance is completely outside the lore, at most, the only effect gear would have on performance would be that heavy armor would be tougher than light armor, and some armor would offer slightly higher armor stat within its class than others, but the gear of a "level 50" Jedi in the lore would provide no significant advantage over "level 1" armor.

So gear with stats is already completely outside the lore, and therefore any system that involves modifying low level gear to incorporate the stats of high level gear is equally outside the lore, lore simply cannot be used to justify anything when it comes to appearance customization.

Really the appearance tab is the best system if one is trying to be true to the lore, as it relegates gear to its proper role, just a general stat-modification mechanism, almost completely divorced from how your character looks.

a crafting system that makes you work for it, thats madness!!! no, wait, that doesnt sound right at all......
Nobody's talking about simplifying the crafting system, the crafting system should be left largely untouched. We're discussing simplifying appearance customization, in such a way that it has almost nothing to do with crafting, as is the case in most other games.