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04.19.2012 , 01:37 AM | #102
The most childish event I have ever come across (been playing games for 30 years). You get infected
and die. To spread the misery you infect as many others as possible, so they die also.
The result? SWTOR, the game played with dead players Characters. What a freakish scenario!

The event fails any and every test of logic..and that even in the fantasy game world.
Oh..sorry...forgot. the PvP crowd play with dead Characters anyhow. Well, I would call the game
a death orgy. We all play with dead characters and those who somehow....through skill or pure luck.. avoid being dead
are killed off by the Developers. After all, it can not be that anyone is not dead.

SWTOR, the game of the Dead. It is time to rename the game. I suggest, 999 way of how to die.
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