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12.17.2011 , 12:26 AM | #31
If you want something I think you should work for it. The current crafting system makes you work for it. It works within the confine of the lore and really is enjoyable.
I don't think effort for effort's sake is always justified. It's like a TV remote. Yes, every time I want to change the channel I could get up and manually flick through the channels, or maybe I could make it extra hard and insist on using the remote but putting the remote upstairs after each use so that I need to go up and down the stairs each time, but on balance I think it's just all around better to go with the convenient option of keeping the remote nearby and using it to change channels instead.

I'm not saying that everything in the game needs to be handed out without requiring effort, I'm not objecting to having to earn the gear itself through gameplay, I just think that the current mechanic smacks of "busywork," of being inconvenient for inconvenience's sake. The "reward" you get of not looking like a thrift-store reject is not something that should require the amount of effort that must be put into it. This is something that should be available right at the player's fingertips at all time. It does not make me feel "better" to have "earned" the right to look how I want, it just makes me frustrated that I have not.

Again, if you value the effort of hand-tailoring the specific outfit you like, then feel free to do so, with or without an appearance tab, just as I could hide my remote upstairs if I felt like it, but it should be your responsibility and self-control that creates that system of work for reward if it's you that values such an interaction. That system should not be enforced on everyone, even if they don't share your interest in self-flagellation.