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Yes, the Sith are pretty much the biggest problem with the Empire. Playing an agent really makes you appreciate how the Sith can screw every plan up, and how much better it would be if they weren't the ones in charge of everything. Playing an Agent is all about the safety of the Empire and its people, and the two Sith story lines are all about the inner power struggles and gaining power for yourself, which tells you a lot already. Agent saves the Empire while being hindered by the Sith, and the two Sith get nice titles and lots of power.

If it were just Jedi vs Sith, then the in-fighting of the Sith would make sense in their own twisted way, because it makes them stronger, and gets rid of the weak. In an all-out galactic war it's a different matter all together. It's not like the Emperor cares how much his people screw things up though, since his plan doesn't require victory, and he sure doesn't care about the people of his Empire.
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