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The OP is really generalizing. There ARE good people on BOTH sides. Shades of grey man.

The Sith Empire is mostly an absolute monarchy, or supposed to be anyway. Therefore, how it's run depends pretty entirely on the monarch. But since Emperor Tenebraus AKA Darth Vitiate shows little to no interest in ACTUALLY governing (he prefers bedroom rituals all day), he leaves this duty to the Dark Council mostly. The way the D.C. governs is actually pretty debatable. The only speech that looks to be discouraged/suppressed is any type of pro-Republic sentiment. Yes this is wrong, it's also wrong to believe Imperial citizens can't say ANYTHING at all. There is corruption. This is mostly from Sith infighting. Certain Darths trying to scheme/kill their way onto the D.C., etc. It is an empire after all. As such, the S.E. is pretty clear & honest bout its intentions when they conquer a people, planet, etc. "Support us, we'll leave you be mostly. Oppose us, we'll wipe you out."

The Galactic Republic is a representative republic. There are many ways to label it, democratic, federal, etc. A Supreme Chancellor, Senate, High Courts, etc. ALL THREE susceptible to the same kind of corruption that exists in the S.E. They just choose to allow themselves to be bribed, lobbied, blackmailed, etc much more, instead. Many shady, outside voices have a say in the Galactic Senate too. Weakness, indecisiveness have reigned supreme there on many an occasion. The Republic has too practiced mass genocide, on the S.E. itself, 1st even. Also, any Imperial player who's played through Belsavis knows how deep this hypocrisy runs. The G.R. is nowhere near as free & saintly as its propaganda would have you believe.

All in all, both are flawed.
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