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Sorry I should have mentioned this. I have a 50 juggernaut alt so I buff with the warrior buff as well as my own in addition to rakata cunning stim and used the rakata power adrenal 1 time during that parse.

I think something to be noted here is that in almost every single post from an operative talking about DPS rotations or anything similar you often hear them say "it could be higher but I messed up my rotation" or "I screwed up and got energy starved" or something similar. I think it just goes to show that operatives, even if capable of X DPS, have such a complex and difficult to sustain rotation that it can all go wrong with just a single out of place ability. With only 1 way to come back from such a mistake (adrenaline probe) DPSing as operative becomes a challenge of fighting your class mechanic rather than fighting the boss.

It's hard to compare us to a class like marauder who effectively cannot starve themselves of their resource like can be done with energy AND can more quickly get into combat to boot. By comparison, as long as a marauder is not as max or 0 resource and is using their most efficient moves on priority, their rotation can't be "messed up" the way ours can.
Yes. This is exactly the reason for why I think that Kaijan's DPS result is a very good reference. He/She stated that the dps could have been slightly bigger if there hadn't been a few small mistakes in the damage rotation. But there never will be an ideal fight where you do not make a single mistake. With this class it's much easier to make a (very costly) mistake if you mess up your rotation than it is with any of the other dps classes.
So the dps result accounts for the fact that the class is more diffult to play and that it leaves more room for mistakes.