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04.18.2012 , 04:56 PM | #111
Quote: Originally Posted by BoneEater View Post
Weird. That's what I did one hour ago.

I find it hilarious that "normal mode" was changed to "story mode". Oh yeah, I can see that.

inb4 elitist "hardcore" olololh4cKz0r raiders: I'm a WoW vet who had everything down on HM.
The reason I joined this game was to not wipe 3 hours on one boss anymore and shoot blood out of my ears while learning the fight, but to have casual fun with my gildies. That's what story mode is for, you have your hard modes, that's fine, stay there, I don't give a ****.

So, yeah, first boss, way too overtuned. For story mode. Don't tell me otherwise. Don't swim in my waters, I won't swim in your's, everyones happy.

Stay in your *******HM and don't claim story mode for yourself, which was made for an entirely different sort of player, you ****s.
Talk to the devs then, not us, we don't really care about your story mode either.

I thought it was tuned fine but we only did it to snag some blackhole comms. Nerf it into the ground for all we care, just leave hards alone.