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Well for most MMO's these days...

You need 3.0+ gig on your cores, not 8 cores 2.2, or 6 at 2.6, or 4 at 2.8, you need a base of 3gig on 2 at least.

You need a separate graphic card, no on-board graphic card.. 260GTX+ of nvidia products(ATI/AMD does not play well with SWTOR for some reason on a significant number of computers).

And the majority of laptops will not play the game well.

The above is relevant to a significant percent of the players.. not all but a significant percent.

Again there are some guys with "golden" rigs that violate the above... but again for a significant number if you follow the above golden rules, you will be golden.
While this is probably true, this is NOT what their system requirements say. This is NOT what they said during development. I'm not pointing fingers at you, but rather stating that their game isn't running nearly as smooth as it should on the machines many people have.

They made a point of making SWTOR playable on most machines, not just the "uber-elite" Skynet Home Edition models.

My machine is no slouch by any stretch of the imagination, and it still has crap FPS issues. It still has bad memory leaks. I turn around and play other new games with twice the stress load and it runs as smooth as silk.

The fact that top end Radeon cards are having issues is a problem that needs to be fixed and addressed.