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04.18.2012 , 04:05 PM | #110
Quote: Originally Posted by Remulan View Post
It is a lot better for a guild to be crushed by HM after clearing story mode than to be crushed by what is supposed to be the next step in their progression. I am all for making people play better, but the gap is too wide between story mode EV/KP and story mode EC atm.
Yep I do actually agree with you. And a lot of people tried to warn BW about this. End of the day it is Story EV and KP that is undertuned and always has been. They tried to make the opening tier easy for all the new players - and it makes sense, since they didn't just make the game for ex-WoW raiders but also for players new to MMOs entirely.

They could have very slowly raisd the difficulty bar with each new Raid and maybe we would never hear of it being too hard. BUT we DID complain about it being too easy - it wasn't just the hardcore, even Casual complained that it was too easy.
So BW did the only thing they could do - panicked slightly and upped the difficulty. So although it's still not that hard, Compared to EV/KP it has become half a world apart in difficulty.

Still, I honestly dont see them nerfing it till Nightmare is released, if ever. With the changes that are being made - new raiders who join guilds will be able to catch up Gear-wise using Story mode of raids or HM of Old raids, but essentially EV/KP will eventually become obsolete, which is probably the best thing for the overall Raiding scene in this game.