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04.18.2012 , 04:01 PM | #3
Well for most MMO's these days...

You need 3.0+ gig on your cores, not 8 cores 2.2, or 6 at 2.6, or 4 at 2.8, you need a base of 3gig on 2 at least.

You need a separate graphic card, no on-board graphic card.. 260GTX+ of nvidia products(ATI/AMD does not play well with SWTOR for some reason on a significant number of computers).

And the majority of laptops will not play the game well.

The above is relevant to a significant percent of the players.. not all but a significant percent.

Again there are some guys with "golden" rigs that violate the above... but again for a significant number if you follow the above golden rules, you will be golden.