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04.18.2012 , 03:10 PM | #106
Meh I'm actually sick of replying now :P EC normal is tuned for people in full columi, which is what drops is story ev andkp. So in that sense its fine.

What's causing issues is that tactics bow have to be executed properly with few mistakes to kill a boss. And the issue is not with EC (because it ain't that complex or crazy) but with EV and KP. People have become used to the easyness that is EV and KP, and they simply need a bit of time to adapt their play and well start raiding the way its meant to be done.

Having said that it may get nerfed a bit in future, but I sincerely hope its not before nightmare is released. I'm all for 3 difficulties. But to satisfy everyone is difficult. Nightmare has to be hard enough to challenge the majority of hardcore raiders, and story has to be easy enough to be done by casual guilds.

And so without making the gap between all these difficulties massive, the players have to become a little bit better, but more than anything, more coordinated.

These bosses arnt much harder than some 4m content, its the coordination of more people that's required that brings the so called difficulty.

Yet in some way I do believe it should be a little bit easier so that people struggle a hit less, leaving Hardmode for the hardcore and semi hardcore guilds.
But again like I said, a lot of guilds who are casual - if its too easy, they will clear Story mode, and expecting HM to be he next step, will go into HM and get crushed! Do you suggest those guilds should be partly punished by the nerf too? Cause tbh is suspect they make up a larger majority of population than the people begging for a nerf