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How does your post make any sense at all? Story mode EC is meant to be for people who have completed story mode EV/KP, nothing more. This is directly from the developers of the game. It currently does not follow this progression path. HM EC is meant for people that have completed HM EV/KP and NMM EC is supposed to be the hardest challenge in the game.

I don't understand why all you elistist people think story mode EC should be soulcrushingly hard bordering on impossible for a raid group that is only competant enough to do story mode EV/KP. I mean it is kind of funny reading post after post of people telling the story mode raider to go farm hardmode content in order to progress in story mode, but it stops being funny pretty quickly.
Actually, I'm a casual. We only do like 4-5 hours of raiding a week. Night mare EC does not exist. Story mode Explosive conflict is tier 2 and as Bioware said is suppose to be for people in full columi. You CAN do it in full columi, but if you want it easy, you should farm rakata. FYI, HM was nerfed to hell in 1.2. SOA who used to be a challenge is now a joke, even for people in less than full columi. Not to mention the augments that can now be given to every class, that's 100+ main stats for every class for just bracers, belt, weapons, and two pieces of gear. There's a total of 12 augments that can be given without any operations. That means columi can now be bumped up to rakata from pre 1.2 from augments alone.