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[snip] A Miraluka's vision is whatever it needs to be, if the individual is talented enough to hone their sight in such ways.

If the Sith could completely evade Miraluka sight they would have wiped them out by now.

As for where the Miraluka would be most likely to go, planets strong in the force, and mysterious in the force would be the most likely. A new arrival to the Jedi on Tython may well have come directly from Alpheridies itself.
I enjoyed reading your answer. It was very helpful. These are the points I found most illuminating, though your examples helped cement the ideas.

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Miraluka would also likely be fascinated by the recent discovery of Voss.
As for the above: Why would you make this conclusion? I read in the planet description on the holonet that "Natives of Voss are powerful force users?" As you have already suggested Miraluka prefer force strong planets, I agree that Voss would be of great interest to them.

To summarize: Hopefully my understanding is correct. 1) It would not be unusual for my new Jedi character to have lived her intire life on Alpheridies, growing and learning the Jedi ways on her home planet before coming to Tython. 2) The way my Jedi sees is unique to her and can be changed through study or training.

I'm only quoting from Magics' post, because it was the most detailed, but you've all helped a lot!