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04.18.2012 , 02:45 PM | #1
Been having frame rate dropping issues ever since 1.1 but it has only gotten progressively worse throughout 1.2

As instructed by the 3 customer service reps I've talked to they have tried to get the game back to a playable state.
Issue: Frame rate drops from 50 (staying still) to 3-6 when playing any warzone/flashpoint/operation or basically any fight.

DXDIAG Report:

Fixes I've tired (both instructed from Customer service reps and various posts found on the forums):
Turning graphic settings from very low to high back to very low to ensure the settings took. - No success
Using the repair tool - No success
Using the following settings on my NVIDIA Graphics card for SWTOR.exe - No success

Opening the folder that contains the launcher.exe and swtor retail client .exe and using the following settings - No success

Uninstalling current video drivers, reboot to safe mode, use drive sweeper, then reinstall newest driver - No success
Reinstall SWTOR - No success
Downloading 3rd party software was my last attempt to kill all unnecessary process's in the background. - No success

This problem is only encountered in SWTOR. Any other game I load (Call of Duty MW3, Battlefield3, Skryim, DC Universe Online, World of Warcraft) does not suffer frame rate drops during game play.

Please, any help is greatly appreciated. I really wish to continue my subscription to SWTOR but if the game remains at an unplayable state for me then I will be forced to cancel it.
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