Thread: Nerf Denova?
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04.18.2012 , 02:10 PM | #103
Story mode Denova is meant for people in mostly rakata. It's the equivalent of nightmare Operations, but if you think Denova is too hard, you could gear up via HM EV and HM KP. You could even do nightmare KP for the black hole commendations or corellia dailies. So, if you're truly a casual, you should be able to casually gear up. Casual does not mean clearing all the operations with ease because if you're truly a casual, you shouldn't even be doing 3-4 hour operations(that's how long it takes to clear operations for the first time as opposed to hardcore which can finish things in 2 hours).

If you don't want to learn new fights, don't even do the fights at all, just farm corellia dailies.