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04.18.2012 , 01:43 PM | #101
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Anyone else think this place is really hard on story mode? I guess its all about understanding the mechanic, but realy seems way to hard. We, among other guilds on our server cant get past the first boss, even though we had a few 10% wipes. Most of our members are full columi/rakata geared too, so how can casual guilds get past the damage the first boss fight does, our healers cant keep up.
Denova DOES NOT need a nerf, look what they did to Soa, EV is a joke now and they still left the title in there? so now every guild on the server is running around with The Infernal title... when they nerfed Soa they should have taken the title out of the game. Denova is 2 weeks old go run KP and EV and get full rakata then try.